S30 Loupe ( 3 power )
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S30 Loupe ( 3 power )

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Vistar S series loupes offer durable, lightweight, compound precision optics at an affordable price.  S series loupes are water resistant and come with a year warranty. 


The S30 is a 3 power water resistant loupe.  The working distance of the regular focal length is 13”-18” and the working distance of the long focal length is 17" to 22".  The 3 magnification has a field of view of 75-85mm.  The S30 loupes weigh only 46 grams or 1.6 ounces.


S series loupes come with: 

- Contoured EuroFrame 
   (Available in Red, Blue, Silver, Gold, and Black)
- Nylon Storage Case
- Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth
- Support Strap
- Micro tip Screwdriver
- Lens Covers