Bio-Mask Single Pack (1 Frame + 10 Shields)
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Bio-Mask Single Pack (1 Frame + 10 Shields)

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  • Item #: B-101
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The Bio-Mask includes one assembly and 10 replacement shields and a reusable top visor shield.

The frame assembly is lightweight, comfortable, compatible with glass mounted loupes and other magnification devices.  The shields are changed quickly and easily.

The shields are the finest quality lightweight, optical grade polyester and are treated to be fog resistant.


  • Full Facial Protection from spray and splatter, includes a top visor shield
  • Superior Fit - Custom adjustable band
  • A Reusable Frame with Quick Shield Changes (Comes with 10 Shields)
  • Extremely Light (Less than one ounce)
  • ANSI Z87.1-2010 Approved